What is fior d'Acqua

Refrigerated flower display

The only refrigerated display system for cut flowers that allows you to change the water only once a month, keeping the flowers longer. A refrigerated display with continuous water recirculation, which prolongs the life of the flowers by avoiding the thermal stress of cold rooms.

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Sustainable since 1993

The secret of Fior d'Acqua is in its tanks, equipped with a refrigeration system that continuously renews the oxygenation of the water, guaranteeing unprecedented freshness for your flowers.

This method not only significantly extends the life of cut flowers, keeping them at an optimal temperature of 6 degrees, but also increases their display life, elevating sales opportunities.

Discover the Fior d'Acqua models
Great capacity and practicality, in this model characterized by its dimensions and the material with which it is made (polyethylene). Wheeled with wheels.
Exhibition capacity Approximately 800/1000 stems in variety for each tub, approximately 25/30 of traditional flower vases. Request information
The modular Leonardo model allows for great flexibility and modularity.
Leonardo with 2 tanks (tank height 95 cm and 75 cm) The 2-bowl model can expand to 3 (the third bowl will be 85 cm high) The 3-bowl model (bowl height 95 cm / 75 cm / 55 cm) can expand up to 5 To make it 4 basins we will add the 65 cm basin To make it...
Furnishing concept for the plant and flower packaging area
Technological innovation and a brand new design create a sales and working environment for florists and garden centers. Always modular and customizable.
The workbench, handcrafted with made in Italy and designer materials, makes the florist's activity easier. It becomes a fascinating "open kitchen" for the customer, and is created according to the florist's space and location needs. It is composed of m...
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