Fior d'Acqua

The idea that comes from experience

Display flowers in an innovative and effective way, saving time and money. These are the premises from which the Fior d'Acqua design process begins. A winning idea that comes to fruition thanks to the professional experience of Mara Verbena, florist for over 25 years, owner of an important sales point in the Republic of San Marino, Verbena flower.

Fior d'Acqua is a product born from daily experience in contact with the problem of displaying and preserving flowers, with the aim of fully responding to the customer's best expectations, while at the same time facilitating the florist's work.

Thanks to these premises and the effectiveness of the system, Fior d'Acqua quickly became synonymous with water recirculating refrigerated display cabinet; a product suitable for any point of sale, which many florists, in Italy and abroad, already use and appreciate.

From 1993 to today, Fior d'Acqua has developed and improved the products offered, in order to satisfy any display need of its customers, today providing a product with proven effectiveness and absolutely unique, despite the attempts at imitation which have currently resulted in dissatisfied customers .

Fior d'Acqua, therefore, replaces classic vases with great operational and economic advantages, which have always been a place of proliferation of algae and bacteria, notoriously harmful to cut flowers. Fior d'Acqua is the name that best expresses the function of these refrigerated displays, unique in the sector. Products that guarantee florists effective and long-lasting answers for the best presentation and conservation of cut flowers, saving time and work and above all optimizing flower waste.

The Fior d'Acqua displays, available in different models to better meet the florist's needs, are based on the refrigeration and oxygenation of water. Fior d'Acqua displays allow you to:

  • prolong the life of cut flowers;
  • replace uncomfortable traditional vases;
  • reduce the florist's workload thanks to just one monthly water change;
  • strongly limit the use of cold storage;
  • improve the quality of the product put on sale;
  • strongly reduce waste;
  • eliminate unpleasant odors;
  • use the exhibition space in the most effective way;
  • offer the customer a wider and more immediate choice with greater opportunities for loyalty.
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