From the origins, in 1993

The fior d'acqua flower display and conservation system has its origins in 1993, the year in which Mara Verbena, an established florist of the Republic of San Marino, decided to renew the furnishings of her shop.

After 10 years of activity, already tired of doing the hard work of changing the water in the vases of cut flowers every day, having not found anything on the market that could help her, she decided to think about it herself. She had had experience in the years before as a wholesaler, founding together with 9 stoic florist friends "RIMINI FIORI". This allowed her to verify first-hand the effect of the Cold Room on flowers and therefore she immediately understood that the first thing was not to close the flowers in a cold environment because after 3/4 days the flower inevitably "cooks from the cold" however the great advantage remained that at 5/7 degrees the bacteria in the water do not proliferate and therefore there is no rot and the flowers drink well.

Hence the idea of creating an open display with lots of water constantly kept at 6 degrees, to this he added the importance of oxygenation (a saying says that water that makes seven leaps can be drunk) and therefore he thought that a waterfall inside would have had a double advantage: 1st it oxygenated and therefore kept the water alive, 2nd a nice scenic effect was obtained. Hence the help of his surveyor friend Beppe Muscioni who, when designing the new furnishings of Fior di Verbena, thought that the right shape was cut barrels which, placed close together, created the waterfall. From there the frantic search for those who build barrels until reaching Gattolino di Cesena where there is one of perhaps the last craftsmen who built wooden barrels, the cooper decides to build the somewhat strange barrels requested and indicates them to the Staff a company from Rimini that creates cooling systems for wine in its barrels... From here to the meeting with the most brilliant figure in the Italian territory for refrigeration: Federico Pellanda, who takes a liking to the request and begins to study and create the internal system which immediately allowed for an excellent result in terms of both conservation and aesthetic effect. At this point comes the decision to patent this idea. origins-1993It was presented at the inauguration of the renovation of the Fior di Verbena premises in November 1993 where together with the RED CANZIAN bonsai exhibition it began to give more and more confirmation of its great functioning.

In fact, within a few months Mara verified the great effectiveness of what she had created, the flowers opened more slowly and opened well, the leaves did not yellow, the stem of the gerberas was always fresh and turgid, the roses no longer bowed their heads .

At this point she was very satisfied with the result, above all she had managed to no longer change the water every day but only every 15, in addition to this, as the flower lasted longer she had more time to sell them in the shop and this was an incredible advantage. After a year of use he decided to give, in addition to his technical opinion, also a scientific opinion and had the water contained in his tanks which in the meantime took the name of FIOR D analyzed by the Microbiological Laboratory of the Environmental Hygiene Service of the Republic of San Marino ' WATER, and the water of a normal vase at room temperature, the results confirmed the usefulness of the low temperature of 6 degrees which by blocking the growth of bacteria allows the flower to hydrate and therefore last longer, plus the analysis of the The oxygen contained in the water confirms the validity of the waterfall.

In the meantime, several Italian florists began to agree with Mara by purchasing her tubs which she began to market, making them known around Italy.

In the meantime, new models arrived and in 1998 an ultraviolet filter was added to the system to obtain even cleaner water and allow it to be changed after 30 days, hence a further official analysis to scientifically confirm the result.

In 2000, a tank of Fior d'Acqua remained under the research of Professor Marisa Di Matteo of the University of Salerno Department of Chemical and Food Engineering for the whole summer, who further confirmed the effectiveness of the system by carrying out various tests also with the use of a preservative they studied L'almasir.
This important path has allowed us to create a product which, 16 years after its invention, is absolutely unique and first on the international market, with some vain attempts at imitation which have only produced dissatisfied and "swindled" customers.

To date, the industrialization of Fior d'acqua has made great strides and among the many technical and design models anyone can find the most suitable one, finding great results and satisfaction in this.

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