Fior d'Acqua History

The system for display and preservation of flowers flower water originated in 1993 when Mara Verbena Florist affirmed the Republic of San Marino Decides to renew the furnishings of his shop. After 10 years of activity, already tired of doing the hard work every day to change the water in tanks of cut flowers every day not having found anything on the market that could help her decide to think about it alone. Had experience in the years before he founded as a wholesaler with 9 friends Stoics florists “RIMINI FLOWERS” This allowed her to check first hand the effect of the cold storage for flowers and then he understood immediately that the first thing was not to close the flowers in a cold environment because after 3 / 4 days the flower is inevitably “cold cook” was however the great advantage that a 5 / 7 degrees of bacteria do not proliferate and therefore there are no flowers rot and drink well.

Hence the idea of creating an open display with plenty of water maintained at 6 degrees, to this he added the importance of oxygen (one that says that water that makes seven jumps you can drink) and then thought that a cascade of water inside would have a double advantage 1st peroxide and then kept the Live Water, 2nd is a nice scenic obtained. Hence the help of his surveyor Beppe Muscioni that the designing of new furniture Fior di Verbena thought that the correct form of barrels that were cut close-ups that created the waterfall of water. From there the search barrels of who builds up to Gattolin Cesena where there is' probably one of the craftsmen who built the last wooden barrels, the cooper decides to build the barrels a little 'strange requests and indicates the Staff Rimini company that creates in its barrels of cooling plants for the wine…

Hence the meeting with the most brilliant figure of the Italian territory for the cold: Pellanda Federico, who took sympathy on the request and began to study and implement the system which now allowed to have a good result is that conservation for aesthetic effect.

So comes the decision to patent this' idea. Is presented at the opening of the renewal of local Fior Verbena in November 1993 where together with the exhibition of bonsai CANZIAN RED starts to give more and more confirmation of his great works.

origini-1993Mara indeed occurred within a few months the great effectiveness of what they had created, the flowers were opening up more floor and opened well, the leaves yellowing, the stem of Gerbere was always fresh and swollen, the roses are not folded over the head. At this point In de top vindt u o. he was very satisfied with the outcome, especially had made not to change the water every day but only every 15, in addition to the more lasting the flower had more time to sell in the store and that was an incredible advantage. After a year of use decided to give, in addition to its technical opinion, even a scientific opinion, and analyze the Microbiological Laboratory of Environmental Hygiene Service of the Republic of San Marino the water in its tanks, which now took the name of FIOR D 'ACQUA, water and a jar of normal room temperature, the results confirmed the usefulness of the low temperature of 6 degrees that blocking the growth of bacteria allows the flower hydrated and therefore last longer, more in the analysis of 'oxygen content in water confirms the validity of the cascade. Meanwhile several florists Italians began to give a reason Mara buying its tanks that began to market them know around Italy.

Meanwhile new models arriving in 1998 and is added to the system including a filter for ultraviolet rays still get the water cleaner and make it possible to change it after 30 days, then a further analysis to confirm the official results scientifically.

In 2000 a display Fior d'Acqua remains throughout the summer in the research of Professor Marisa Di Matteo professor at the University of Salerno Department of Chemical Engineering and Food, which further confirms the effectiveness of the system by various tests even with the use of a preservative that they studied the almas. This important route it possible to realize a product that 16 years after its invention and 'absolutely unique and first in the international market, with some vain attempt to imitate that has only produced satisfied customers and “cheated”.

To date, the industrialization of Fior d'Acqua has made great strides and among the many models of both technical and Design who is the best, finding in this great achievement and satisfaction.